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Managing Security Settings in Zapflow
Managing Security Settings in Zapflow

Change the automatic logout time for inactivity, manage MFA (multi-factor authentication), review login activity and export activity.

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To start managing your security settings please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Company Settings

  2. Go to Security Settings

You'll now find below all the information needed to manage each section of the security settings.

Timeout Settings

For security reasons, users will be logged out of the platform if they are idle for too long. The default time set by Zapflow is after 25 minutes of inactivity, however, this can be changed to best suit your needs. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. The first section is where you'll need to update the timeout settings to your preference. Just type in the time in hours where the dashed lines are (as highlighted in the screenshot below.)

    Please note that the time is set in hours, so if you'd like to log out after 30 minutes of inactivity, please write it in hours, which is 0.50 hours. (More examples: 25 minutes = .25, 2 days = 48)

  2. To finish the setup just click anywhere outside the dashed lines box and your changes will be saved automatically. Starting then your account will log out after you've been inactive for the time you have set.

Authentication Method Settings

This section is just below the timeout settings described above. It will give you 3 authentication options to select:

  1. Username/Password: Everyone in your team will be able to log in to their accounts with their username and password only.

  2. 2FA Optional for all users: Everyone in your team will be given the option to chose whether they want to use a second authentication method or not.

  3. 2FA mandatory for all users: Everyone in your team will be required to install and use a second authentication method every time they log in to their Zapflow account.

(Please note that Additional authentication methods are only available in our premium plans. Please contact your contact person for more details)

Login Activity

This section shows you the history of all logins into your company's environment. It includes the username (which is the email address used to login to a user's Zapflow account), previous login date and time, how long this user logged in for, and the ID of the device used to login. If needed, you can also export an Excel document with the complete list with the history of all login activities to your Zapflow environment since it was first created by clicking on the button as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Export Activity

All the data in your Zapflow environment can be exported by going to Company Settings > Export data to Excel. (You can find more information about this in the following article: Exporting your data to Excel. For security reasons, this can be done only once a day and each download is logged for audit purposes, this means that all exports will be recorded and you can download a complete history of all exports done by anyone in your team in this section:

If you need any help or guidance, feel free to book a time with our support team (, we are always happy to help! For more tips and guides regarding all our Zapflow features check our other Help Center articles.

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