Data entry is boring, yes! That's why we’ve created a unique web form for you to have the target companies or their advisers do the data entry for you.

Creating deals from deal candidates coming through the web form.

To ensure data quality and avoid any duplicates, only you can turn deal candidates into deals in your pipeline. 

1. Whenever someone proposes a deal to you, a Web Form Resolution Task is assigned to your Deal Flow Manager ("DFM").

2. The web form resolution task will show up in the Menu bar > Tasks icon, clicking on which will take you to “My pending” tasks category. If you are the DFM, you will find the web form resolution task right there. If you’re not the DFM, you will find it in “All” tasks category. 

3. You will then see a slide-out menu called “Resolve company data”. In this section, you decide whether you want to “Discard” (delete permanently) or “Add to database”.  When you add a deal, you can put it on hold immediately or start working on it right away!

Finding the web form address

Every team has its own unique address for the web form. As Admin, you can find it in Menu bar > Settings > Company > Company web form address (on the top). As a user, you can find it in Menu bar > User icon > Profile - you will see the Company Web Form address under your details. 

Sharing the web form address

Many of our customers choose to embed their web form address in their email signatures, company websites and even in LinkedIn profiles. This is a great way to help potential companies reach out to you, as well as adding structure to your deal data with less effort, as they are doing all the data entry for you.

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