Tags & tags groups defined

Tags are great for quick categorization of deals, companies, and people. Tags are essentially labels you can give to deals (e.g. B2B, Saas or Fintech) and tag groups are collections of logically interrelated tags (e.g. Industry, Business area or Technology).

By default, Zapflow comes with 2 tag groups: "Deal tags" and "Industry tags". You can enable the third group as well as rename all the groups to your liking in Menu > Settings > Tags.

Adding tags

When you need to add new tags to your list of available tags, simply 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Tags
  2. In the preferred tag group, click the "+" sign
  3. Add a new tag. Please note that tags within a tag group are unique but you can have the same tag in different tag groups. 

Removing tags

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Tags
  2. In the tag you want to delete, click the delete-icon
  3. Confirm the deletion. Please note that tags are just removed from list of available and used tags BUT the tagging information is not deleted from the deals. This way, if you choose the re-enable the same tag later, you'll keep the old tagging information in place

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