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Working with Deal Tags

Walkthrough of how tags work and can be used in a deal's profile.

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Deal Tags are a type of field in a deal profile that helps organize and categorize your deals. You can find all the Deal Tags available to be used in Zapflow by going to Company Settings > Field Settings > Make sure you're in the Deal entity. Click on "Show all available fields" and sort by Field Type. You can then scroll down to see all tags.

As an overview, deal tags are found at the top right of any deal profile. You can see that in the sample deal profile below, we have deal tags and company tags. Deal tags are distinguished by the tag icon and company tags distinguished by the building icon.

Deal tags are unique to the deal, whereas company tags are automatically linked to all deals associated with that company. For example, when you create a new deal, you have to select the target asset (company) that the deal is linked to. Once linked, this company’s information appears under the company information section in the deal’s profile.

To add a new deal tag, click on the plus sign found to the right of deal tags.

You can either create a new deal tag option or select one of the existing options from the drop-down menu. To a create a new deal tag option just go to the deal tag field you want to create it under and start typing the option you want to add. In the example below we want to add a new option under the Deal Category tag called "Crypto", so we type in Crypto and then click on the "Create a new tag 'Crypto" button.

You can also delete, rename, reorganize position of the options, and merge related options by clicking on the tool icon next to the tag field. Please see the screenshot below to understand what each icon stands for. To reorganize the position of the options in the list just click an option and drag to the desired position.

Please note that these actions can only be performed by a user with admin rights.

Finally, once you have set your deal tags you can easily filter them in the deal pipeline. Simply go to your deal pipeline, click on filter and find the deal tag. In the example below we are filtering by Deal Category.

If you need any help or guidance, feel free to book a time with our support team (, we are always happy to help! For more tips and guides regarding all our Zapflow features check our other Help Center articles.

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