With Zapflow, valuable insights from passed deals are shared and stored. Keep your team up to date with changes in your pipeline.

1. When your Dealflow pipeline is in “kanban-view mode” select the deal card you wish to pass. Select the 3-dot-menu: Select Pass.

2. When you select the option “Pass”, a curtain menu will be displayed on the left-hand side. The first 3 questions (1- Record why you rejected this deal, 2- Broken-deal expenses, 3- Internal pass comment) are for internal purposes only and won’t be shared with the target company.

3. The Second section of the menu allows you to notify the target company/entrepreneur with a customized or predefined message. Remember to enable the “Send rejection notification” switch and make sure that the Associated Contact role is selected as “Contact Person”.

Please note that if you can't enable the "Send rejection notification" switch, it's probably because the company has not been associated with a "Contact person". To associate with the contact person, go to the expanded deal card. Under the "Associated contacts", click the "+" button to add associated contacts

Please remember that the "Send rejection notification" function only works when there is at least one Contact person.

If you need any help or guidance, feel free to book a time with our support team (support@zapflow.com), we are always happy to help! For more tips and guides regarding all our Zapflow features check our other Help Center articles.

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