Our experts will guide you in importing and migrating your current and legacy data. We have helped numerous customers migrate their data from multiple solutions including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Sevanta, Dealcloud, Copper, Streak, Excel etc. Different solutions have their own flavor but import can be for sure.

We provide you with 3 different service levels to choose from. You can do it yourself, with our guidance or offload everything to us.


Note: Depending on your subscription, a separate service fee may apply


1. The DIY Method 

In this option, you first download the transfer file, populate it with your data and then upload the excel file back. Full instructions here. This is available to all our users without any fees.

2. The Assisted Method 

In this option, our dedicated customer success manager will walk you through the process. 

  • We will first have a call with you to know you data migration needs. We'll then together review your current data structure, content, constraints and volumes to determine the optimal solution in your case. 

  • We will then determine the optimal data structure in the Zapflow platform and configure the platform entities and attributes accordingly. When migrating from database to another, the optimal way will be different than the old way: some new attributes will be created, some data likely discarded and some old data will be imported in a different structure or format. 

  • Based on this interaction and feedback, we will together restructure you data model so that you can discard redundant data & clutter and add new attributes to ensure smooth migration.

  • After that, we will provide you with excel file template for each entity type (one for contacts, one for companies, one for deals, etc) You will then fill these files with your data and make sure there are no duplicates, merged cells, references, links, formulas, wrong formatting or corrupted data.

  • Once completed, you can upload the data yourself. We'll jump on call as many times as needed and walk you through the process but all data cleansing and upload is done by you. 

3. Concierge

In this turn-key model, you can outsource your entire data migration process to us, we are happy to help.  

  • We will first have a call with you to understand your data migration needs

  • You provide us with the data in unformatted CSV format (in Excel, for example, File > Save as > ...). Each file can contain only one worksheet

  • Zapflow experts will do the technical configuration of the environment such as custom field settings.

  • We clean up the data to avoid duplicates and errors, do the relevant data mapping and will have the final data structure confirmed by you before importing it to the Zapflow environment.

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