Your team has a dedicated email address (BCC email ID) where you can

  • forward emails to create a new deal and

  • forward emails directly to any particular deal.

Simply forward an email with the deal’s info to your team's address using any email client (even on mobile) using the BCC email Id.

Once processed, the deal will show up as a task for you in the "Tasks" icon at the top of the screen. You can then either i) create a new deal (and new company) based on the email or ii) attach the email to an existing deal.

Linking emails straight to deals with "//" 

You can add emails to your deals in Zapflow very easily. Simply add "// Deal name" (without quotation marks) in the subject line and the email will be attached to the right deal. For example, below is an email which is going to be assigned to the “Unicorn” deal. 

Note: For security reasons, only you and your authorized team members can create new deals. Messages from unauthorized email addresses will be deleted automatically. If you occasionally get deals to your private or secondary email, you can mark them as registered senders in Menu > My Settings > Email BCC Address

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