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BCC E-mail Forwarding Feature
BCC E-mail Forwarding Feature

Forward your emails from your inbox to Zapflow using your own BCC email address and link these emails to their associated entity in Zapflow.

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Your Zapflow environment comes with a unique automatically generated BCC email address. That is, each user who has their own account to access your Zapflow environment will have a unique BCC email address. This address can be found by logging in to your account and then going to:

  1. My Settings (click on the user icon at the top right of the page)

  2. Scroll down to the Email BCC Address section and you'll find it in green letters

There are 3 ways you can use this BCC address:

  1. Add your BCC address to the CC or BCC line when you're sending an email to a contact. This will automatically create an Email Task in your Zapflow environment where you will be able to create a new contact if any email address found in the email is not already saved in your Zapflow Contacts. You will also be able to link this email to one or more entities (Any contact, deal, investor, etc.). What this link feature does is that it attached it to the entity profile activity. So for example, if you link an email to a specific Deal, then this email will be attached to the Activity section under the linked Deal's profile.

2. Forward any email to this BCC address. Similar to the first option described above, you'll receive an Email Task where you can create a contact (optional) and link the email to one or more entities.

3. Directly link an email to a specific Deal. When you forward, CC, or BCC an email, you may add "// Deal Name" (without quotation marks) in the subject line of the email and the email will be directly linked to this Deal Name without performing any extra steps. Please note that the Deal Name must be written exactly as it shows in Zapflow for this feature to work.


Note: For security reasons, you can only receive forwarded emails to this BCC address if the email is coming from the same email address your Zapflow account has been created with. You can verify your email address in use by going to My Settings > User Name. If you plan to forward emails from a different email address than this one to your Zapflow account, then you must first add the alternative address in My Settings > Alternative Addresses for BCC.

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