Note: This feature is an add-on service. If you are interested in enabling it for your account, please drop a line to your account manager.

Communicate deal details to stakeholders

Investment memorandums are designed to communicate deal details to your stakeholders, such as investment committees, venture partners, colleagues and co-investors. 

Structure & content of the memorandum

The memorandum structure can be configured to match your needs, and we'd be happy to create any template suitable for you. Once the templates are done, you can automatically create memos based on those templates following the instructions below.

Creating a memorandum

The memorandum will contain all available data from your database and will be saved in your local folder for future processing & sharing. You can create these memorandums following these simple steps:

  1. Open a deal.

  2. Click deal menu (three vertical dots in the upper-right corner).

  3. Select "Investment Memorandum”.

  4. Click on Download and you’ll see it immediately in Attachments under Network drive. 

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