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Status updates (aka notifications)
Status updates (aka notifications)
Stay up-to-date with your team progress with updates.
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You and your team likely work at odd hours, and certainly not always from the office. This typically hurts situational awareness within your team and can cause significant confusion, clutter, and wasted efforts. That's why we've designed Zapflow to make this important information available automatically and at different degrees of detail.

Use the "Dashboard" for a helicopter view of your team’s activity

In the dashboard, you can see all major updates such as new deal opportunities, their progress and status changes. You'll always be kept in the loop with all the recent updates. See image below. 

Specific updates are in the detailed timeline

 When you need to see all the details about the changes related to a particular deal, company or person, you can see this in the Activity section. See the image below.

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