Zapflow is a power tool for professional investors

Zapflow is the best tool for professional investors to manage deals, collaborate with transaction parties, collect performance data from portfolio companies and reporting. Zapflow is designed and developed by seasoned industry pros who have experienced all the pains first-hand. So we created a tool to save our own time and help make better-informed decisions, thanks to more accurate and complete data put together with less effort, plus manageable all in one place. 

  1. Decision making.  Zapflow is all about making well-informed decisions quicker. Almost every view in Zapflow allows you to move a deal in your pipeline, pass it or put it on hold. When choosing to pass or hold, you are automatically sharing your decision with your entire team. If passed, you will know if/when the deal ever reappears and what actions to take. Data is never deleted from Zapflow, so you can always reactivate deals and pick up where you previously left off. If you put a deal on hold, the deal will reappear in your pipeline when you have it set to, and you will also receive an email notification. 

  2. We all hate entering data. That is why we have made it ultra-easy to create deals in seconds and have others do the boring part for you. The most common ways to create deals are i) straight from your inbox, ii) using the mobile app on Android and iOS, or iii) collecting them using a dedicated web form.

  3. Configuration. Zapflow comes pre-configured to meet the needs of most users, so the chances are you can skip this step altogether. Zapflow is, however, built to be very flexible and customizable to fit any reasonable request. 

  4. Assistance is always near. If you have any questions, click the support balloon in the platform's bottom-right corner or feel free to book a time with our support team (, we are always happy to help!

    For more tips and guides regarding all our Zapflow features check our other Help Center articles.

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