We wanted to make it easy to create deals - even if you decide to pass them on the spot. This way you and your team will have more data in a structured format to support you in future decision making. You can create deals in 6 different ways (with more coming).

I) Click the “+” icon in the application menu bar and choose  “Create new deal’ option in the drop-down menu. Please refer to the image below:

II) In the “Deals” section, click the "Add" button (upper-right corner). See below: 

III ) Send/forward an email to your dedicated email address. Instructions here.

IV) Use your dedicated web form on your own or have the target company/banker do the data entry for you. Instructions here.

V) Use your mobile app to create a deal. To read more about working with your mobile phone, please find the instructions here.

VI) Use the data import functionality to import many deals at once from Excel.

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