Zapflow is designed to be flexible and usable in the alternative assets markets. By design, Zapflow also guides towards industry best practices. To enable easy implementation as well as efficient reporting, we handle fields in the following manner:

  • Zapflow has multiple categories of fields such as “company fields”, “deal fields” and “person fields”.
  • Each category has field groups which contain logically related fields (e.g. “Lead details” or “Company address details”)
  • Every field belongs to one of these groups
  • There cannot be fields with a same name
  • “Out-of-the box”, Zapflow comes with a wide range of universally used fields which your administrator(s) can enable/disable.
  • The order of fields and field groups are fixed (i.e. not configurable)
  • Note: Field settings are available for admin users only!

How to enable/disable fields?

Selecting which fields to use from the list of available fields is really simple:
i) Go to Menu > Settings > Fields
ii) Select which fields you want to use internally
iii) Select which fields you want to use in your public web form
iv) Select which fields you want sell-side guests to see (not available in all plans)

If you need fields not listed in the settings, please contact support and we'll add the missing field(s). See your subscription details for pricing.

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